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Fujifilm X10 – Best All-In-One Compact Digital Camera With Zoom


Fujifilm hits the mark yet again with the Fujifilm X10, the perfect all-in-one compact digital camera boasting a bright 4x optical manual barrel zoom lens that also acts as the on-off switch.

It’s not only the zoom lens that shines. The Fuji X10 also features a rugged magnesium alloy tank-like body, handy optical viewfinder, large 2/3 inch EXR CMOS image sensor and advanced EXR image processor.

Take all of the innovation and technology that goes into the X10 combined with the robust, retro design and what you get is brilliant image quality and the joy of shooting with a beautiful and very tactile camera.


  • Classic Rangefinder Design
  • Robust Magnesium Alloy Construction
  • 4x Optical Zoom (28-112mm) and Bright Lens (F2.0-F2.8)
  • Built-in Pop-up Flash and Accessory Hot Shoe
  • 460,000 dot, 1.8 inch LCD Screen
  • 12MP Large 2/3 inch EXR CMOS Sensor
  • Advanced EXR Image Processor
  • JPEG, RAW Shooting – In-camera RAW Conversion – Excellent JPEG Output
  • Continuous Shooting up to 7fps at Full Resolution (10fps at 6MP)
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Extensive Manual Control

Manual Barrel Zoom Lens


Here’s the fun part. The Fuji X10 sports a manual barrel, 28-112mm, bright F2.0-F2.8, image stabilized zoom lens that you rotate in order to snap the camera on and zoom the lens in and out. The feeling of zooming is back in your hand rather than a tiny button or toggle giving the photographer an infinite amount of choices.

Get your hands on an X10 here.

Body & Design

The Fuji X10 has a rugged black retro-rangefinder magnesium alloy body packed with manual controls. This is a very solid and robust camera that will appeal to those with serious photographic interests and not so much for the point and shoot crowd.


The ergonomic design with a pro’s palette of well laid out controls simply screams ‘use me’.


On the top plate, you have the shutter release, mode dial, function button and exposure compensation dial. Next to the lens, you have a focus mode switch. Above the large, bright LCD you have the innovative optical viewfinder with the flash release for the built-in pop-up flash next to that. Just below to the left side of the LCD are the controls for metering mode, white balance and AF point.


To the upper right of the LCD, there is a control dial and configurable AEL/AFL button and just below is a second control dial around the four-way controller. Below that there is a dedicated Raw button with user programmable behavior.

Optical Viewfinder

The Optical Zoom Viewfinder has a configuration of two aspherical lenses and two glass prisms. The brightness and clarity reveal every detail from corner to corner letting you comfortably frame your shot.


Featuring Fujifilm’s original Excel Array. The large 2/3 inch EXR CMOS Sensor makes possible high sensitivity photography with extremely low noise. It can capture every detail, even a wisp of hair with exceptionally high definition. When shooting high contrast scenes it can produce natural tonality in both highlights and shadow. EXR technologies can also capture indoor night and other low light scenes natural and beautifully.

EXR Processor

The EXR Processor takes beauty to new extremes with the power and speed of dual CPU speeds and the EXR core. The enhanced processing performance lets you enjoy the creative expression of film simulation mode and shoot ultra high quality full HD movies. Fuji original EXR technologies let you capture exactly the image you want with more quality than you imagined.

Image Quality

So you can obviously see that the Fujifilm X10 is an innovative, rugged, robust, beautiful camera and a serious photographer’s tool with no lack of manual control. Now let’s see exactly what the X10 can do!



Optical Brilliance

What a brilliant camera the X10 is and at half the cost of the Fujifilm X100 I’ve just gotta have it. The Fujifilm X10 is an excellent choice for an all-in-one ‘rangefinderesque’ camera with a built-in zoom and loads of hands-on control. With so much fun at your fingertips, how can you go wrong? Or rather, with the Fuji X10 in your hands, there are so many ways that you can go so right!

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