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Fujifilm X100 Videos

With the Fujifilm X100’s beautiful looks and innovative features, the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is quickly gaining fans and receiving rave reviews. Here are some excellent videos providing information, inspiration and showing us the innovation behind the Fuji X100.


FinePix X100 Promotional Movie

The FinePix X100 Promotional Movie is a touchy, feely, elegant look inside and out of the X100 and its innovative features – Hybrid Viewfinder, 23mm (35mm equivalent) F2 Single Focal Length Lens, APS-C CMOS Sensor & EXR Processor.

“Make the ordinary become extraordinary”



What Digital Camera Hands-On Preview

The What Digital Camera Hands-On Preview is an excellent video demonstrating the use, controls and handling of the Fujifilm FinePix X100. This is the best hands-on tour of the X100’s rings, dials, buttons, settings and features.

“What’s so special about the X100? Well, just look at it, it’s an absolutely beautiful camera…. but it’s not just about the looks, it’s about what’s inside this camera, and this camera features a 12.3 Megapixel custom designed CMOS APS-C size sensor which is the same size that you get in a DSLR, so you’re getting DSLR quality images but in a smaller package.”

“In my opinion this camera is going to be hugely popular, I think almost everyone I know seems to want one of these.”



香港廣告: Fujifilm FinePix X100 (浪攝流特長地下版) 2011

This Japanese X100 commercial comes across as a seductive art film evoking strong mood and emotion via montage of video, stills, music and sounds, thus providing inspiration to unleash the creative potential of the Fuji X100.



DigitalRev Hands-On Review

The DigitalRev Hands-on Review showcases the fun of shooting from daylight to dusk in the streets of Hong Kong with the Fujifilm X100 in your hands and an interesting sense of humor.

“The hybrid viewfinder is pretty good, actually what I really mean is, it’s absolutely fanbloomintastic…. the best thing since sliced bread but more technologically advanced.”

“As I gave the camera back and made the journey home with the monotony of the clickity clacks of the train running along the tracks, all I could think of was, X100, X100, X100. For now, I can fathom the whole hype surrounding this camera. Not only was it seriously seductive when it was first announced, it has truly materialized into something really quite special. This camera has broken a monotony of the matured market that’s continuously being filled with somewhat staid updates to established models. Here, we have a camera maker that bears to try something different and for that, Fuji, I applaud you.”



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